Graduation Requirements and Diploma Types


Participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege. Students are required to have met all graduation requirements and completed their Personal Education Plan. The counselors are available throughout the year to review your records and to schedule appropriately, but it is your responsibility to enroll in and successfully complete all necessary courses. If you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony, you must have completed all of the requirements prior to graduation day.

Students expelled or on a continuing expulsion during their senior year will be denied participation in the graduation ceremonies. Seniors participating in senior pranks that cause damage, severely disrupt the educational environment, or defame members of the school and community may be denied participation in graduation activities.


Early graduation is typically for students who wish to complete all graduation requirements by the end of their junior year. A completed application for early graduation needs to be submitted to the principal by May 1st of the student’s sophomore year. See your counselor for the application. 

Early completion is typically for students who wish to complete all graduation requirements by the end of first semester of their senior year.  A completed application for early completion needs to be submitted to the principal by May 1st of the student’s junior year.  See your counselor for the application.

A complete early graduation/early completion application includes the follow materials:

  • The cover sheet identifying the plan you intend to pursue, your intent to participate in the graduation exercise, and all necessary signatures.
  • A copy of the student’s most recent academic transcript.
  • A completed form identifying the student’s current schedule (attached).
  • A completed form detailing the classes the student will take to complete all graduation requirements (attached).
  • A one-page typed letter from the student that explains:
  • Why the student wants to graduate/complete early.
  • The educational benefit the student will gain by graduating/completing early.
  • What the student plans to do once they have graduated/completed early.   

Graduation requirements include the following:

  • Completion of 27 credits in the specified areas as outlined in the McMinnville High School Course Bulletin and McMinnville School District Board Policy.
  • Completion of the Educational Plan and Profile and all Career Related Learning Standards.
  • Completion of the Essential Skills (class of 2012 and beyond).

Students seeking early graduation or early completion typically have maintained a 3.0 grade point average or better.

The school and district will not offer additional or special programs to facilitate early completion for a student. Transition school, summer school, E-school, and other similar programs are primarily for students facing credit deficiencies given the four-year graduation timeline.


McMinnville High School offers several diploma options:  standard, modified, honors, basic, etc.. Each diploma has a specific set of eligibility requirements (refer to School Board Policy IKF and IKF-AR).

The district will continue to award a standard diploma to a majority of its graduating students. The district will grant alternative diplomas to students who have met some, but not all of the district’s minimum graduation requirements (modified), and to those who have significantly exceeded the state graduation standards (honors). Students must apply for an honors diploma by December 15 of their graduating year. Forms can be obtained through the student’s counselor. Alternative diplomas will be awarded if students meet eligibility requirements as determined by the District.


Students will receive an Honors Diploma at graduation when they have met all of the requirements for their specific graduating class (see Course Bulletin), and have completed the Honor Diploma Application and turned it into their counselors in the Counseling Center for final signature by January 15th of the student’s graduating year. 

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